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gentle persistence





Streams in the Desert----My Faith  

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可以令大家諗起一D野 产生共鸣甘 好有满足感


原来 身边大有人在 呵呵






借用一句 “立个小志”





总觉得知道自己想要什么 知道点样去得到佢


那 也是一种幸福

有信仰真的是一件好事 呵呵


但系大家共有嘅 都系平凡幸福的家的信仰


其实如果用中文噶话 可能表达得会更贴切


有机会的 呵呵 有时间想再好好甘諗諗哩个话题


Faith is trust, hope and belief in the goodness, trustworthiness or reliability of a person, concept or entity. Religious faith is a belief in a transcendent reality, a religious teacher, a set of teachings or a Supreme Being. Generally speaking, it is offered as a means by which the truth of the proposition, "things will turn out well in the end," can be enjoyed in the present and secured in the future.

I am an atheist actually. For most Chinese teenagers, we were taught that there were no Jesus or Buddha existed in the real world when we were young, but only spiritual idols, and I was sure that there was no sicientific basis in every religion. As I grow old, I start to know the religion and interested in it. I want to have faith, especially when I stuck into a whirlpool or get lost in the real life. Seeking religious power may light me up and lead me to a bright road. Whereras, I haver no idea which religion is suitable for me, what’s more, wherther it is necessary for me to have religious faith or just believe in myself. I have no confidence to obey the creed if I am a christian or buddhaist.

Once I visited a church and had a chat with some christians. They told their stories why they chose Christianty and said that I was led to church by Christ and would pray for me if I was willing to be a christian. I laughed in the bottom of my heart since I knew that I just fancied for church architecture but not Jesus’s leading definetly. However, for the first time I contacted to religion that close and changed some of my views.

On the one hand, religion, as a kind of faith, is accepted by many people. I am not understand why they choose religion, such a heavy and responsible thing. As for me, I may have long-time consideration or enough courage to decide my belief. It takes time and persistence to keep one’s fatih. However, I believe it’s different between who have faith or not. Those who have faith may be more firm when temptations appear and have fear inside of hearts to prevent them from greed, temptation and guilt. It reminds me of my teacher’s saying that the reason why nowadays so many crazy things happen in China is that most Chinese have no faith or religion, they have no fears, no gulity heart, no concept of whether it’s true or false.

On the other hand, faith is not all about religion. Besides religion, we can choose anything we think it’s right and will be right for a long period of time. I have ever discussed such a topic with one of my respected elder. He believes in no religion but himself. He has strong belief that what he think is right and conforms to the mainsteam values. It’s his rich experiences and broad horizon that make him so confident about himself. Since my life experience is not rich as he does, I doubt that whether what I believe is match with the reality, so I am not believe in myself up till now.

We can get the text “Faith as commitment” from the history. Sometimes, faith means a belief in a relationship with a deity. In this case, “faith” is used in the sense of “fidelity”. For many Jews, the Hebrew Bible and Talmud depict a committed but contentious relationship between their God and the Children of Israel. This is covered in "Judaism" with a link to “Main article: Jewish principles of faith”. For a lot of people, faith or the lack there of, is an important part of their identity, for example a person who identifies himself or herself as a Muslim or a skeptic.

Meanwhile, as Voltaire, the famous medieval theology critic, said “Though God is not exist, we should build one.” Faith, can be a truly religion sometimes, or just a mental architecture bulid by ourselves.

The famous contemporary religious ethicist Paul Tillich was well-known for his religious definition “the Unlimited Concern”, which is closely related to his contradictory ideas of God. He demonstrated that “God doesn't exist.”, while “God is the existence of himself.” He meant that God is not something which lives outside the human cirlce, but we can not bring it to our daily life in the meantime. The Unlimited Concern and God can not be understood and alive without us.

The French Christian existentialist philosopher Marcel held the same belief. He indicated that God to us was like the dead people lived by our memories. In this aspect, God is living on the basis of human experience, and human being is an integral part of God.

The essence of faith is the approval and reaction to the reality. It is difficult or even impossible for us to prove the existence of God by words. However, it doesn't mean that God is vague. That sounds ridiculous and paradoxical. As far as I am concern, faith can be the God in Christian or the Buddha, or just a “God”bulit by yourself. In this way, God may be more like a belief than a man-made spiritual idol. I am quiter approve of what Voltaire said. We should build our own God.

The more I think about this interesting topic, the more I get addicited to religion. I appreciate the unconditional love and forgiveness in Christian, it makes me feel warm when reading the Holly Bible. And the quiet mind in Buddhism may be the thing I most desire for the long future time. And the concept of responsibility in Judaism is my core belief. I think that we should start to shoulder the responsility to ourselves and our society, since we are no long children. It seems that I want to believe in all kinds of religion. And actually I think thousands of the sayings in religion are quite right. If I obey them, I would live a more pleasant life. And my faith now is a mixed belife from some religions, because not all the thing in one religion I would appreciate.

Faith is like streams in desert. Whether we believe in religion or not, we should have our own “God” inside our heart.

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